Who is Tori Bodine?

Probably one of the coolest people ever, Tori Bodine has a unique talent of combining hand-drawn techniques with a collage of colours to create a one-off art piece that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

She’s one of those happy-go-lucky women who always strives to do the best she can, putting in 110% is the minimum. Currently working in film and documentary production she spends all of her extra time sketching and drawing to her hearts content, she absolutely loves it, which comes off in her work as well as the frustration on her partner’s face.

What does she do?

More like, what doesn’t she do? Well, probably a lot of stuff, but what she does do is pretty awesome. Tori has an outstanding creative brain which allows her to bring together her love of colour and drawings to create magnificent pieces of art, whether you’re looking for EP artwork or a drawing of your parents to give as a birthday present, Tori can do it.

Tori prefers the old school way of doing things, with pen and paper (sometimes even pencil). I mean, who even does that nowadays? It does give a great effect though, you cant beat the textures and colour the paper gives. Just check out the EP cover she did for Annaca, I mean, that says it all.

What materials does she use?

More like, what materials doesn’t she use? (maybe its too much doing that twice but hey, you’re still reading!) Tori usually uses BRAND NAME graphic pens with a wide selection of pastel coloured 150GSM paper. Well thats her favourite selection, but she’s highly adaptable so can work with any pens or actually, any materials. Put it this way, if you like her work, then put her to the test! She’s always up for a new challenge and you won’t be disappointed.

How do I get in touch with Tori?

Tori is one of those socialites, in real life as well as online, so you can always reach her on her Instagram or please feel free to send her an email. If, however, you’d like to contact her with the utmost ease, please fill out the form below and Tori will get back to your ASAP.